Ligne Carré

For Serax, Loïc designed a stylish series of candle light holders in metal.
At first, the Ligne Carré tealight holders seem unimposing objects but as soon as you light a candle, a beautiful interplay of lines emerges through the open corners. With a clear goal in mind, Loïc started with designing. He wanted to create metal tealight holders that were completely different from the usual low, round ones. He folded a cross out of a thin sheet of metal and adjusted it until the light created exactly the lines he was looking for.
Every detail has been contemplated. For example, the black powder-coated steel has a matt finish so that it does not reflect light sources,
allowing the candlelight to work its magic without interference.
By combining the three different sizes, you will be able to play with the effects. An extraordinary design that never gets old.