Emily Brondeel

For Emily Brondeel, a Belgian interior designer, we created an attractive and graceful logo and a timeless business card on high quality Italian paper.

Remi Lucas

On request of the customer the new logo had to contain a house and a tree.
With this in mind we designed a contemporary and timeless design for Remi Lucas, which gives the clients a recognisable and familiar impression.


For Maaket we developed a complete new house-style with an existing logo.
The design is attractive, colorful and pleasant to read.


For Willaux, an immo company in Ghent, we created a new, no nonsense identity.
The clear design demonstrates confidence and charisma.

Simon Stevin

For honouring Simon Stevin, a Belgian scientist and inventor who died 400 years ago
we designed a transparent, elegant brochure to promote the vip packages.


Metrax-Craye, a company who focuses on textile retailers, requested us to provide the layout of their catalogue of 2019.
Inviting and easy to read, the catalogue offers a clear overview of all themes sorted by designer.


Euro Deco

For Euro Deco, a fair for the floricultural market, we designed a timeless and elegant logo.


Rita Coppens, a passionate ceramic artist, asked us to create a timeless and stylish logo.
The design for the logo is pure, with a personal touch.


For Kroades, a Belgian travel agency specialized in travels to Kroatia, we designed a stylish and modern logo.

Luxus Interieur

Luxus, an interior store in Ghent, asked us a couple of years ago to design several offline adverts such as flyers, gift cards, invitations…
The sleek design is flashy and modern.